Friday, September 25, 2009

internet cafe in Accra


So the "umbilical cord" has been cut, as my professor said yesterday. She has left me! haha ... in good hands, though. Right now I'm staying with a couple in Mampong. They have to be some of the coolest people I've ever met-- and their two daughters are so cute! They're bursting with creativity and ideas, but not showy about it. They're just genuinely excited about all the "projects" that they have on the go. They live in the beautiful mountains, with a breathtaking view. They call it their "bush" because it's more secluded, and there they have all kinds of experimental farming going on, besides their business in Accra. They will be my "haven" during the internship, and I'll be spending this coming week with them, as well as another week halfway through the program. They're very comfortable to talk to and be around.

Yesterday, before coming to Mampong, I also stopped in at the town where I will be spending most of my time. I'm a little paranoid about giving out info on the internet, so I will just call it "the town" -- I know some of you are laughing, but my mom is probably very proud of me! The town is so different from Accra, the main city. Much more rural and a lot less English! I will be learning some Twi for sure! My professor and I met with the pastors there, which was good. I met some of the assistants, who are around my age and very friendly. I also dropped off my stuff at "Auntie Jo's", where I will be staying. I have a pretty big living area!

I visited the school in the town, and it was so funny! The kids all crowded around their classroom windows, staring at me. I felt like a freak of nature or something ... They called out, "Hello!", "Good morning!", "Welcome to Ghana!" -- laughing as they made silly faces and practiced their English.

I took some pictures in the town -- with kids, with the Queen Mother, and the group of pastors. I'm wearing this white hate to keep the sun away, and I think I look so dorky. It reminds me of those black and white pictures of early missionaries or something ... Yup. that's me. Tall and white and dorky -- soon I'll have a sunburn to match! My prof said, at least I'm not wearing khaki shorts with the socks pulled up ... haha

Last night I got strangely homesick. It was strange because I've been away from home without contact for longer than three days before! I knew it would come, but so quickly? I think it was because I was tired, and don't really feel "settled" in one spot yet? I don't know. I'm eager to get more comfortable with people and places. Right now every day is another round of new faces, but soon I will (hopefully) have friends. But I talked to Isaac on the phone, and felt a lot better after that! Also, I opened my Bible to Psalm 46 (I think) and it was all about how the "God of Jacob is always with us", etc.

Today I went with Suzanne and Michael (the couple in Mampong) to their office. I had some good chats with Suzanne about the educational system and churches here in Ghana, which makes me want to maybe do a video interview with her later on? Hm. I also tried this donut-like food -- very good! Suzanne said I'm going to get fat here -- they eat a lot of dense breads. But I am eating lots of fruit -- Sonja should be jealous. Pineapple, avacado, "pawpaw" (papaya), plaintain ...

anyways -- gotta go. Please keep me in your prayers. Love you all!



  1. Hey Erica, this blogging thing is really great!
    Good to hear that God is speaking to you as you travel this journey. He'll supply ALL that you need--Godly relationships, encouragement, Himself--especially when all of our props (or profs) are removed.

    One more thing....SUNSCREEN! Luv ya, Dad.

  2. Thanks for the update :)

    I echo the comment from your dad about the sunscreen... before you know it you'll be a bronzed goddess, and we'll all be green with jealously when you come back.

    We're keeping you in our prayers,

    Love, Ange

  3. Hi Erica,

    Your mother IS proud that you are being careful on this very public blog. I think part of it is also that maybe I tend to worry just a bit?! HA! Your blog makes us reassured, though, of God's faithfulness to us and to our 'dorky' missionary! I'm so thankful that He has provided some substitute 'mama bears' to watch over you!!

    Love ya muchly,

  4. Little sister #2,

    WOW. You're in Africa! Crazy. I'm glad you got there safely and everything is going alright thus far. :)

    I know it's scary, new, and the times of homesickness will definitely come, but it's all worth it. But I'm sure you know that.

    I'm so proud of you for being such a go-getter at such a young age. Go Erica go. Keep us updated!

  5. ps. that was kristel ... the fam doesn't usually call me "krm" lol ...

  6. Hi erica,
    This is Megan Buys. I was just hanging out with Monica and she told me how you were gone and about your blog so I thought I'd give it a read :) and I also just wanted to say how cool it is that you are actually in Africa! Ever since grade school you have always talked about going, and good for you for actually following through with your dream! (sorry if this is sounding cheesy.. not my intention haha)
    Anyway, I will keep you in my prayers and will definetly keep following your blog!

  7. Hey Erica,

    I think you may want to correct your latest blog. You were wearing a white HAT not a white hate, were you not?!

    Love ya,

  8. Hi Erica! It's "Aunt Cindy!!!" I caught up on all your past blogs and am sooooooooo excited to hear of your exciting days. I love how you always say "I think" after the scripture references. Thank God for parents who love you and support you ... even if you won't take the heart attack meds. I miss you just thinking of you being so far away but this is a chapter that you and God are writing. Enjoy each moment. Be strong. ACE

  9. Hey so glad to see how the word can encourage us in times of need - no matter where we are on the planet He is with us!!

    Enjoy the avocado (my favorite!!) and we're praying for you here in Stoney Creek. Keep the blog rolling!

  10. Where are you? You haven't written a new blog in awhile......we're waiting. lol I know you're busy. We just want to hear from you again.

  11. I echo that... time for another update

  12. Hi Erica,

    It was just GREAT to hear from you on your blog again. I know I'm a little biased, but your beautiful way of writing makes the reader feel like we are right there with you, seeing what you see, and maybe sweating like you sweat? HA! I don't think so, cause it's unseasonably COLD here!! YUK!
    Keep the blogs coming - it's especially interesting to read about all the people you have met already!

    Praying for you as you meet with your future group leaders,
    Dad & Mom

    Lonely without you.....