Monday, September 21, 2009

leaving on a jet plane

Only a few hours left in Canada ...

I can't believe how quickly September 21st came! I've been so busy with a million little things. My mirror has been plastered with post-it notes and I've tucked little reminders to myself everywhere, as things come to mind. Today I was surprised how many "loose ends" there still were. After a great weekend with friends and family (and one last breakfast with Isaac), I was busy stuffing those last little extras into my suitcase -- a favourite mug and earl grey tea, for example! Then there was the daunting task of meeting the weight limits ... rearranging and repacking my suitcases, wrestling them onto the weight scale (which I'm sure is inaccurate) and then rearranging again.

Isaac is apparently a professional packer, and has been rolling and folding things for me :) My mom has been trying to convince me to bring as much health supplies as possible, but I had to draw the line at packing pills just in case someone had a heart attack ...

So now I am finally ready to go (I hope). The hours are dwindling between now and my flight and there are butterflies in my stomach. Reading emails from my professor (who is in Ghana now) makes it more real and very exciting. It's strange to think that I'll be there with her soon!


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  1. Hey Erica,
    It was great to hear that you arrived safely and were given such a warm reception! Keep us posted. Missin you muchly, Dad.